Monthly Archives: February 2016

First Steps

I’m still having trouble deciding what colour I want to paint my room, but there are tasks I have to accomplish before I paint anyways. Today I worked for a little over three hours cleaning out and organizing my room and closets. I decided to take this opportunity to throw out a lot of junk I’ve been hoarding over the years, and trust me theres A LOT. I have this habit of thinking that everything I made or used as a child will one day come in handy, but I keep on continuously finding out it never does. Such as; grade four and up art projects and papers I wrote, I’m trying to pick the best ones there are (which is slim) because I still love having memento’s.

This is a time-lapse of the 3 hours I spent working on reorganizing/cleaning out my room compressed into around a minute.Yes this is from one afternoon, I just felt like changing outfits. Enjoy:)


Getting Started

Hello readers and welcome to my blog! I will be writing and explaining two main projects in the next two years. Every year kids from my school (Calvin Christian Collegiate) create passion projects assigned to them in bible class. My first project (as I am in grade eleven) you will be following me and my adventure of redoing my bedroom. My room is a bright baby blue colour that I picked around seven years ago, and frankly every time I sit in the walls of my room I get a head ache. On top of the baby blue room colour my sheets are a bright lime green (great combination right). Hearing about this project and watching my older sister Raychel Algera (to look at her passion projects use the link provided¬†Raychel’s Blog ) I decided to take this opportunity and kill two birds with one stone. Will this project be a success? Who knows, but we’re about to find out…