First Steps

I’m still having trouble deciding what colour I want to paint my room, but there are tasks I have to accomplish before I paint anyways. Today I worked for a little over three hours cleaning out and organizing my room and closets. I decided to take this opportunity to throw out a lot of junk I’ve been hoarding over the years, and trust me theres A LOT. I have this habit of thinking that everything I made or used as a child will one day come in handy, but I keep on continuously finding out it never does. Such as; grade four and up art projects and papers I wrote, I’m trying to pick the best ones there are (which is slim) because I still love having memento’s.

This is a time-lapse of the 3 hours I spent working on reorganizing/cleaning out my room compressed into around a minute.Yes this is from one afternoon, I just felt like changing outfits. Enjoy:)


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