Preparing for Painting

Before I dive right into the painting I have to get some stuff done in my room, like removing all my junk and stuff from the walls. I have done some of those tasks in my previous blog post but there is still a lot I have to do. I had to take out a bunch of nails from  my walls, so there’s about 10 to 15 nail holes in my walls. Not to mention all the little holes in my walls because of posters I took down and paint that peeled off, and the regular holes from the wear and tear of life. So I need to learn how to patch and fill in these holes. I’m learning how to do this in some of my class period’s because I still have to clean and clear out my room before I can start washing the walls. Some of you may know that in grade 11 at Calvin you go on the Mexico Missions trip. I am leaving in TWO DAYS! and I want my room to be cleaned and cleared by the time I leave. 

Some supplies that I need for the patching are: A small container of Spackle, a putty knife, paint, small paint brush, plastic knife, towel, water, and a sanding brick.

I compared a bunch of different wall patching websites and videos and the supply list I found was from this website:

So I’m not totally sure if I am going to use all the items on this list, my dad will be helping me on the patching in my room so he might want to use a different technique. The next time I post will be hopefully be about how clean and clear my room is, but for now have a great day and a great spring break. 


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