Call me Mr. Clean


Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 2.53.23 PM.pngI have chose what paint colour I’m going to paint my room with the help of my mentor. She actually took my duvet cover home with her and matched up all the greys that went really well with the duvet. She narrowed the options down to three and gave me the paint samples. The options were Sweet Innocent, Shadow Grey, and Cement Grey. I went with cement grey.

First I have to prime my whole room before painting it the actually colour I want. But before I even get to priming I have to wash all my walls, take off all my outlet covers, and pull back the carpet lining. My uncle (the carpenter) told me that when washing walls I should just wash with water because if I wash with soapy water and don’t totally wipe off all the soap properly the paint will peel.

As you may recall I have just finished patching and sanding my room. My mom was helping me wash my walls, when washing she went over one of the patching holes making the putty wet again, she actually wiped away some of the putty. I forgot to warn her to leave some distance away from the patched holes.


Washed over patch. Notice how the hole is caving again


Raychel contributing to washing

Thankfully I caught her when she went over the first patch, so she never did it again. Another thing I had to clean was all the putty in powder form on the ground. I just went around my room with a vacuum sucking up all the mess.





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