So close but so far away..

imageWhen the second day came around (which was saturday) I just wanted the painting to be finished, my accomplices and I started at 2:00 in the afternoon and finished around 5:oo pm. Because Raychel helped my mom and I paint, the second coat took way less time than the first coat. But after the second coat was done there was some walls in my room where you could still see that baby blue shining through. So we needed to do a third coat in some areas. After three hours of straight painting I was very frustrated that there was more painting to be done. We noticed that the reason some walls might had needed an extra coat was because some people were more generous with the thickness of their first coat than others.

I did a lot of the cutting in my room and Raychel and my mom mostly did the main open wall areas, this was because I was a lot more careful and particular about how “perfect” I wanted the cutting to look. The other two had more of the “lets get this done now” attitude.

When we started the second coat it was 7:00, and around 7:35 Alena Reenders (mentioned in an earlier post) dropped by to pick something up and ended up staying for awhile to help paint. So with four sets of hands painting away we got finished all the coats in the whole room done at 8:40pm. I would just like to thank everyone who helped me paint, it would have take me days without you guys!




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