2017 Grad Video

Bible Through-Lines 

Some may wonder why my bible classes and I are doing these passion projects in bible class, what does making a grad video have to do with the bible? By creating this video I am actually honouring God in many different ways, and to show you how I am, I will be referencing the 10 Teaching for Transformation through lines. 

One of the most evident through lines is Beauty Creating, “We will praise God by creating beauty”. When I learn how to use different techniques with video camera and using Final Cut Pro I am creating something beautiful and heartwarming. When I am doing this I am honouring God, the greatest creator. In the grad video I am showing people who have grown and been shaped by a great school and loving teachers and staff. These graduates are now going into the world to be the lights of Christ, examples to the world. 

 Another through line I am achieving while I make this video is Community Building, personally when I reminisce about certain memories with certain people I feel as though our friendship is being strengthened, and a lot of the grad video is my classmates being interviewed and talking about their memories and experiences at Calvin. Some of the video is also preserving certain memories that I will get to look back on when I’m missing grade Christmas parties and school dances. These experiences strengthened my relationships with not only my classmates but also my teachers, making this video is a way of keeping those connections alive through the coming years. In the video I also honour individuals different skills and gifts, which helps build community when we recognize this different talents.

Splitting, Deleting, and Combining Clips

May 15th

In this tutorial I will show you have to split, delete, and combine different clips. These three skill have proved to be very useful when editing the grad video.

Uploading Videos 

April 20th

So once you have filmed some video you need to upload it to the computer you will be using. Every camera has a compartment in it that is holding its memory card. The camera I am using stores it’s memory card on the right side. All you do is slide this part to the left and it will pop open.

You then will gently press down the memory card further into the camera, let go, and then card will pop up. Take the memory card out of the camera and find a place to insert it into the computer you will be doing your editing on.

If you are using a Mac computer to edit your video locate iPhoto

Tripod Setup

April 19th

So this is the tripod I am using to help me film this project, it’s a 501 HDV. The tripod is very useful when I’m interviewing people for 10-15 minutes and I want to keep the camera straight. Once you have filmed some video you need to upload it to the computer you will be using. Every camera has a compartment that holds its memory card. The camera I am using stores it’s memory card on the right side. All you do is slide this part to the left and it will pop open.

So for this model of tripod you first need to slip off the top disk. To do this you need to unlock the disk and then hold down the red button and slide it off.

Once you have taken that off you need to use the screw on the disk to screw into your camera. Most, if not all cameras will have the place to put the screw on the bottom of the camera.

Once the disk is screwed onto the camera you just slide the disk back onto the camera and presto! Now you has a stable camera. To make the tripod higher and lower is pretty self explanatory, you need to undo the hinges on the legs and pull them out if you need to camera to stand taller or keep them tucked in if you want it lower.

Now keeping your camera level is important if you’re wanting videos that are level. This small plastic levelling wage will tell you if the camera is level or not. If that small bubble is in the middle of that inner circle the camera will be level. To maneuver the tripod so the camera will be level you just length or shorten individual legs.

Getting Started 2.0

March 10th

This years CCC grad video kind of got dropped on my lap, someone else was originally making it but for reasons unknown just couldn’t complete it. No one else wanted or knew how to do make one and at this point I really just thought “why not”. So here I am, with no video editing experience making our schools grad video. So I turned to what any highschool student would turn to, the Internet. First things first I needed to know how to work the camera. I’m using a Canon EOS 70D to film this project. So if you just so happen to use the same camera as I am the “on and off” switch is placed at the top left corner. There is also a switch on the top right corner of the camera that lets you pick if you want to take pictures or record videos, to start recording the video hit the Start/Stop button below.

Look at that!! Now we’re basically professionals. There is sooo many things that I don’t know about this camera, there are probably lots of different modes for different focuses but I haven’t even looked into that. I have found out though that the screen on the camera is a touch screen and when filming people if you touch their faces on the screen and the camera will focus on that person !! So that’s all I really have for you today, next post I’ll teach you how to set up a camera tripod.

March 1

How did I end up making and editing the CCC grad video without any video making experience? Good question