Finishing Up

So now that my room is all painted up and my furniture is all in order you could say I’m finished. There are still lots I would like to accomplish, but I probably won’t post about them though! I would like to put more pictures or small paintings on my walls so they don’t look so bare. Also I’m not sure if you have noticed that section in my room that is raised, but I would like to put some pillows down and recover the foam that was there.

Now redoing my room was quite fun, but what was the purpose of it all, more importantly how do my actions glorify God? There are ten biblical through lines that Calvin Christian Schools uses to better our understanding of how are relationship with God should look like.

Biblical Through Lines: 

– Beauty Creating 

– Order Discovering 

– God-worshipping 

– Idolatry-Discerning 

– Justice Seekers 

– Image Reflectors 

– Servant Workers

-Earth Keeper 

– Commuinty Builders 

– Creation Enjoying 

The throughline I focused on my Beauty Creating: 

The Four Guidelines of Beauty Creating 

1. God is the number one creator and when we create things, we are showing that we were made in his image.

– Genesis 1:27 “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.”

2. We praise God by creating beauty.
– We glorify God by using the talents he gives us, we wants us to use the beautiful brain he has gave you.
– By creating different objects (repainting walls) you are praising God.

3. Using our creativity is fun and makes God smile.

God wants us to have fun and enjoys seeing us have fun (not always your definition of fun)
– Ecclesiastes 2:24 “There is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil. This also, I saw, is from the hand of God.”

– I had lots of fun with my family and friends redoing my room, hours and hours of painting were filled with playful and very sarcastic humour.

4. We are asked to be innovative

– Innovative (of a person) introducing new ideas; original and creative in thinking.

– Be creative! Be inspired by your own mind! Make beautiful creations that people might find odd, God did make Narwhales 


Shifty Purchases

So my mother went on Kijiji and found a bed frame for my new double mattress. But the thing was the person who posted the add lead us to believe that the frame fits both queen and double mattresses. It did not, but we had to figure that out by setting up the whole thing and realizing after that it didn’t fit. So my dad had the idea of trying out my sister Raychel’s bed frame because it was a bed frame that can be shifted into a queen or double mattress. So we had to take apart Raychel’s bed and take her frame and but it in my room and do the opposite for her. Kijiji has been great for us so far in this project but buyer beware.

So close but so far away..

imageWhen the second day came around (which was saturday) I just wanted the painting to be finished, my accomplices and I started at 2:00 in the afternoon and finished around 5:oo pm. Because Raychel helped my mom and I paint, the second coat took way less time than the first coat. But after the second coat was done there was some walls in my room where you could still see that baby blue shining through. So we needed to do a third coat in some areas. After three hours of straight painting I was very frustrated that there was more painting to be done. We noticed that the reason some walls might had needed an extra coat was because some people were more generous with the thickness of their first coat than others.

I did a lot of the cutting in my room and Raychel and my mom mostly did the main open wall areas, this was because I was a lot more careful and particular about how “perfect” I wanted the cutting to look. The other two had more of the “lets get this done now” attitude.

When we started the second coat it was 7:00, and around 7:35 Alena Reenders (mentioned in an earlier post) dropped by to pick something up and ended up staying for awhile to help paint. So with four sets of hands painting away we got finished all the coats in the whole room done at 8:40pm. I would just like to thank everyone who helped me paint, it would have take me days without you guys!




Tips for Success

  • Wear clothes that don’t matter to you, (not clothes that your grandma gave you that you hate) old or ripped ones will do, you don’t need to buy a new set of painting clothes. No matter how hard you try you will get paint/primer on them.
  • Put down old sheets/blankets all over the ground where you will be painting. These will prevent any drops of paint getting on your carpet.
  • If you didn’t take out your furniture make sure you cover them with plastic or cloths to protect them from paint.
  • You will be using a paint brush as well as a paint roller, have plastic bags laying around to put the paint brush/roller in so they don’t dry out and crust.
  • If this is your first time painting on your own watch various painting tutorials, you will learn a variety of techniques
  • Start in your closet so you can get the hang of some of these techniques and figure out what you like the best.
  • If you didn’t cut the walls (covering ceiling and framing with tape) make sure you have cloths and little buckets of water to clean mistakes.


As I mentioned earlier you will need a bucket of water and a cloth to clean up messes. I grazed the edge of my closet frame and if I wipe it up right away it comes off no problem. This is the technique I used for cutting because we didn’t tape the walls. You need to go really slow and be careful of the edges.

This is the first layer of paint, as you can see there is a lot of blue peering through. We started painting at 7:00pm to 11:40pm, it was a very long and tiring process. My mom and I started the first two hours and my sister Raychel came and helped us the last three.


Call me Mr. Clean


Screen Shot 2016-05-13 at 2.53.23 PM.pngI have chose what paint colour I’m going to paint my room with the help of my mentor. She actually took my duvet cover home with her and matched up all the greys that went really well with the duvet. She narrowed the options down to three and gave me the paint samples. The options were Sweet Innocent, Shadow Grey, and Cement Grey. I went with cement grey.

First I have to prime my whole room before painting it the actually colour I want. But before I even get to priming I have to wash all my walls, take off all my outlet covers, and pull back the carpet lining. My uncle (the carpenter) told me that when washing walls I should just wash with water because if I wash with soapy water and don’t totally wipe off all the soap properly the paint will peel.

As you may recall I have just finished patching and sanding my room. My mom was helping me wash my walls, when washing she went over one of the patching holes making the putty wet again, she actually wiped away some of the putty. I forgot to warn her to leave some distance away from the patched holes.


Washed over patch. Notice how the hole is caving again


Raychel contributing to washing

Thankfully I caught her when she went over the first patch, so she never did it again. Another thing I had to clean was all the putty in powder form on the ground. I just went around my room with a vacuum sucking up all the mess.




Powdered Rain

I waited 24 hours after the second coat of putty before sanding around the patches. I used a 250 grit sand paper for the job. You want to sand all the edges down, when running over the patch with your hand it should feel as if there was no patching done there in the first place, it all should be even. When sanding “powdered rain” will be falling down.

This is the putty that you’re sanding off the wall, so the ground is going to get messy.

Before and After.. rather After and Before

This is one of the patches after it was sanded down. You can see all the powdered putty as well.





Before painting my room I need to patch all the holes in my walls so my room will actually look presentable. My uncle owns his own construction company and was willing to help me with my project (this uncle just so happens to be married to my mentor the interior designer). He came over just last Wednesday and demonstrated working with putty, he then watched and critiqued my patch job on my walls.

Materials needed:

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 4.17.03 PM.png

Room Before:

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 4.45.05 PM.png

These are just some of the many holes that take refuge in my room.



Instance where the hole got bigger when inverting


Framing Hammer Damage

The first thing you do when patching is to make sure all the holes are inverted. As you can see in Image 1 there are “little fluffs” that stick out of the wall, these are visible but there are holes that stick out that you can’t see but you can feel. When pushing in some the holes my uncle asked for a hammer I grabbed him the only hammer we have (which is a framing hammer). Framing hammers have little studs on the head of the hammer. Without looking at the hammer my uncle swung at the wall making dozen of tiny holes which you DON’T want. So there was  a dozen tiny holes instead of one.

The first layer of patching you only want to fill in the hole, but you want to have a very thin layer on the actual wall. I will demonstrate this technique in this video:

After the first layer was done I waited 24 hours to do another coat. The second coat is a lot thicker than the first coat. This is because when using the sand paper you want to be able to sand it down to where you want. This is the constancy of the second coat:

Sorry my helper was a bit chintzy with the putty, but I fixed that problem.

Room After Second Coat: Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 4.33.35 PM.png

I waited another 24 hours so I could start sanding. This is a bigger and quite tedious job, so I’ll be working at it little by little each day this week.